Why Do Poise Dancers Dance?


Poise dancers, how do you feel about being back dancing in the studios this week?

From what we can see, the place has been absolutely buzzing!

It seems that the Lunar New Year of the Tiger is also joining the Pur-Poise in reinforcing the characteristics of resilience with courage and strength.

The triumphant return of Poise dancers is possible because of those very characteristics. We remember what Darwin said about the survival of the fittest in evolution, right? Those who succeed are not necessarily the strongest, they are the ones who can adapt
to their changing environments.

Throughout the ups and downs amid the multiple challenges of this pandemic, Poise dancers of all ages have continued to dance with joy. While a large majority prefer dancing in the studios, everyone maintained the discipline and motivation to attend classes even when we could only dance together via Zoom screens. And they did so with smiles on their faces and zeal in their movements! Truly awe-inspiring!

So, in order to find out the secret of their motivation, we surveyed the kids with a simple question: “Why do you dance”? Here are their answers:

• “I love to!”
• “I like it very much.”
• “I really enjoy it.”
• “I am happy when I dance.”
• “Dancing makes me feel really good.”
• “Dancing makes me feel excited.”
• “I get to socialize.”
• “It helps me learn to compete.”
• “It is a good form of exercise.”
• “It is really fun.”
• “It is motivating.”

• “Dancing helps me express my emotions”
• “I love performing.”
• “Dancing clears my mind.
• “It gives me a sense of relief.”
• ”It calms me down.”
• “All my worries go away when I dance.”
• “I love dancing together with my friends.”
• “Dancing together with others who enjoy dancing gives me a lot of joy.”
• “I like to challenge myself when I dance.”
• “I feel very happy when I learn to accomplish something new I was not able to do before.”

From these common sentiments shared by over 50 Poise student-dancers we managed to talk to, we can draw a couple of clear conclusions:
1. Poise dancers feel the benefits of dancing in a variety of concrete ways; and
2. Poise dancers are able to generate motivation and put in the efforts.

These are also among the key elements that are necessary to overcome any type of challenge that comes our way. They will be further elaborated in our next blog.