Our Community

The Poise Dance Academy family is one that supports and cares for one another. Together, our students, parents, and staff create a safe, loving, and respectful space for our community to share within and beyond dance. 

What our community has to say


I can’t say enough good about this wonderful studio. Our daughter has been taking lessons for the last year and has loved it so much. Linda is a sweetheart and knows both of us by name.

“She cares so much about the students becoming not only great dancers, but also great people. Their environment is so positive and gentle, while the resulting dancing ability is top-notch.”

We just attended the year-end recital, and it was such a highlight. I’m not sure how they worked their magic, but our once-shy daughter was so excited to “go on stage.

” I worried she might get nervous, but she never did, and I believe that was partly due to how her instructors prepared her. I have no regrets about choosing Poise as our dance studio. — Chelsea Hall (Emilie’s parent)

Charlotte’s Story

“Our family stayed in Toronto for 1 year and 6 months as a sabbatical year. My daughter Charlotte was learning ballet in Korea, so we looked for a good ballet academy, and after thinking about several academies, we finally met Poise Dance Academy.

Although Charlotte joined the Poise Dance Academy halfway through the semester, all Poise families welcomed Charlotte and were very considerate. Even at a time when she was still struggling to communicate in English, Charlotte was enjoying her dance classes at Poise.

Luckily, Charlotte was able to attend a year-end performance organized by Poise. Poise made a fantastic year-end performance with beautiful dance and storyline, and Charlotte had a great opportunity to attend a wonderful show. Our family still can’t forget the emotion of the performance. The year-end performance helped Charlotte become interested in other dances as well as ballet, and now she wants to start with jazz and acro.

“As our family sees Charlotte’s passion, once again we are grateful for experience at Poise.”

We were treated warmly here and Charlotte was very lucky to have met Poise. If my family is given the chance to live in Toronto again, we will return to Poise without hesitation.”  Junwon Kim (Charlotte’s parent)

“I am so grateful that we found Poise Dance Academy for my girls to dance at.

I don’t believe there is a better studio to foster both professional dance instruction and provide a caring, encouraging and supportive environment for the students. An absolutely wonderful team and family to be a part of.” —Kathryn Maslowski (Charlie’s parent)


“Poise Dance Academy is home. It is my safe place. Dancing makes me feel so happy, loved, safe, and makes me be me.

I would not be where I am today or who I am today without Poise. I have met my best friends at Poise they have such an amazing community, from teachers to friends to parents. I will always feel loved and cared about at Poise. They have an amazing facility from 3 very big studios with sprung floors that are incredible.

Poise Dance Academy supports you in everything you do. They will care about you with their entire heart 💜️. Teachers and friends are so encouraging when you are dancing. When I am stressed, overwhelmed, sad or upset all I want to do is go dance and see all my best friends.

Competitions are the best part of all. You have so much fun in the dressing room getting ready and when you come off stage and you’re teacher or miss Linda comes and gives you a hug is the best feeling ever. That is why I love every single thing about poise. Miss Linda is the best teacher. She is so supportive and so incredible with everything she makes everything work. This is why I love poise 💕💕” —Charlie Pan

“Poise Dance Academy has always been a bright spot in my daughter’s life, but especially so during the pandemic.

The training and artistry at Poise is recognized as top notch, but Linda and her teachers have gone above and beyond, in the face of difficulties and change, during COVID to continue offering their strong technical training and joyful dancing. My daughter’s online dance classes and rehearsals provide critical exercise, connection with friends, creative expression, and a sense of normalcy in these strange times. The Poise team works tirelessly to bring its students so many innovative, fun activities – from a Zoom recital and master classes to a group movie afternoon, and even dance classes for the whole family! Linda and her teachers care about every student and their wellbeing. Poise is a positive and nurturing group of people who we are glad to have in our lives.” —Suzy Wilcox (Claire’s parent)


“Poise is a welcoming family and I have made many friends at Poise. I look forward to dance every day, whether that’s going to the studio or now in my basement.

I love to dance because of the amazing teachers, all the new tricks, technique and dances I learn. All of the practice and hard work I do throughout the year always pay off when we get to compete in competitions or perform in our recitals. Poise offers many different dance styles which has helped me become a more versatile dancer.” —Claire Wilcox (student)


“My girls have danced at Poise now for years and it has been amazing to see how they have progressed and developed under the caring, encouraging, and professional approach of Poise Artistic Director, Linda Leowinata and her talented hand picked instructors.

The joy the children experience in their classes and the close attention by the instructors and Linda, has kept them engaged and learning – even throughout this long pandemic! Poise pivoted to online virtual classes, with barely a hiccup and despite the challenges, the children are continuing to learn, are having fun and staying connected – Even creating beautiful creative online performances! Beyond their excellent dance skills, my children have learned, at a young age, a level of professionalism, and most importantly how to care for each other and to work as a team that is respectful of everyone. Can’t ask more than that” —Lauren Dade (Juliette’s parent)


“One thing that I have always really loved about Poise are the people! I first started dancing at Poise when I was nine years old, and I don’t even think I originally decided to join the classes to become a better dancer.

I started taking classes because I was able to make so many friends and all the teachers were amazing! I always feel like it’s good to make a mistake because there is always someone there ready to help you out, and give you feedback that helps your needs specifically. Even though it might not have been my goal in the beginning, I have definitely seen myself slowly getting better each year not only in my skills, but also in the expressive part of dancing which is very important. I am so happy that I decided to become a part of the Poise family!” —Juliette Lee (student)

“Our 2 daughters have been dancing at Poise for the last seven years, since the ages of 7 and 11.”

During that time they have taken classes in ballet, Acro, jazz, contemporary, lyrical and hip hop. They started out as beginners with one ballet class a week and for the past 4 years they have been part of the competitive team, training 6 days per week. They have performed countless times and some of their closest friendships are with the other dancers. All of this growth and opportunity has been made possible thanks to Linda Leowinata and her team of wonderful teachers and choreographers at Poise Dance Academy. 

Linda’s own passion for dance is at the heart of Poise. She is dedicated to the well-being of all her students and she has time for each and every one of them. Her students are encouraged with great skill to have fun, work hard and do their best, and experience first hand just how far this can take them in dance and in life. Through their time at Poise we have seen our daughters develop respect for they have learnt so much about themselves, about teamwork, about performing and how to deal with whatever happens in the moment.” –Angela Atkinson (Cate & Alexandra’s parent)


“My years at Poise have been wonderful. When I was 11, I tried a ballet class with my sister, and I haven’t stopped since.

I remember having only one ballet class a week. Year by year, I kept dancing more and more; I’ve been part of the competitive team for the past five years. Through my time dancing at Poise, I’ve been taught by so many amazing teachers and met some of my closest friends. Dance has helped me develop many skills I will carry forward with me into the rest of my life such as time management, collaboration, and the ability to persevere despite difficulties. Everyone at Poise is always welcoming, encouraging, and patient. In the past seven years, I have had countless experiences all for which I will be forever grateful.“ –Alexandra Atkinson (student)


“Poise Dance Academy is a great environment with lovely teachers and students. There are lots of dance styles to try and lots of fun classes to take part in. It’s a safe space to learn and express yourself, the students are lovely and very welcoming.

I would definitely recommend it if you love dance or if you just want to give it a try!”

–Cate Atkinson (student)


“Poise Dance Academy is what I call 5 Star!”

They have a ton of experience , the Staff is amazing and they provide serious dance classes but manage to teach in a very kind and loving way. My daughter has been so lucky to have found such a wonderful place to dance❣️” —Kelly Danniels (Emma’s parent)


“From dancing in the studio to performing on stage in our end-of-year productions, I have had the amazing opportunity to dance with encouraging, supportive, and talented teachers and students at Poise. Poise is a beautiful facility that fosters a strong sense of community, allowing everyone to have fun and explore their love of dance.

Over my past four years at Poise, I have learned so much, made amazing friends, and created lasting memories.”

—Emma Danniels (student)

My son began the competitive Acro dance program after a few years dancing at Poise recreationally, and it has opened a door for him to explore other dance disciplines. It has been a wonderful experience, as he has felt welcomed, encouraged and challenged.

“The online classes have been a lifeline during the pandemic, and the entire studio came together to find creative ways for the dancers to continue to perform and grow.

We are grateful to be part of this community!” —J.J. Fueser (Max’s parent)


“I think Poise did a great job going through Covid. I haven’t met a single bad teacher.

I look forward to the classes and can’t wait to get back to in person. The Acro teachers work with me to set personal skills-based goals every class, and help me meet them. I’ve learned a lot.” —Max Akyurek (student)


“My daughters have been attending Poise for several years now, in the ballet, acro and jazz programs, recreationally and competitively.  Ms. Linda and her team of dance instructors are absolutely wonderful, talented and warm.

They are able to give the girls individual and personal attention during the classes, and my girls have nothing short of flourished under Poise’s dance instruction. They have also built a student body with kindness and inclusiveness as its core values.

My daughters have already made life-long friends here. We also love that Ms. Linda knows each student and parents by their names!“ –Andrea Brueckner (Anna Keefe’s parent)


“Poise has always been a second home to me.

The dance community there is so friendly, fun, and welcoming. All the teachers are so affectionate and kindhearted as well as Ms.Linda who has always been like family to me. Everyone at Poise is an amazing person and dancer. I always look forward to every single one of my classes and I always learn something new. It’s always such an enjoyable experience right when you walk in to the classroom. I would definitely want to recommend poise to anyone who wants to become an amazing dancer!” –Anna Keefe (student)

“Miss Linda puts her heart and soul into the studio to create a safe, loving and encouraging environment for all the students.

She caters to each student’s needs and brings the best out of them. Classes are fun but also artistically and technically focused. All the teachers are passionate about their discipline and pass on their love for dance to the students. This school is where you can find healthy physical training, positive encouragement, deep artistic exploration and most importantly long lasting friendships and fun.“ —Jin-Yi P. McMillen (parent)


“We have been very happy with Poise and you personally and how you put personal attention to each kid and their progress, which is something you definitely do not see in any other dance places.

We have highly recommended Poise and yourself to our friends. Your staff is great and you definitely have an edge over the other dance schools around. Your daughters are also great role models for our little girls.” —Juliana Gorja (parent)

“Poise has been a wonderful studio for my daughters to learn to dance. Miss Linda and all the teachers always put the girls and their confidence first and the studio is encouraging, warm and inviting for dancers of all dance backgrounds.

They go above and beyond to give the dancers the best experience. We have been very happy with our decision to have our girls to dance at Poise.”

–Sandy P. (parent)


“Poise Dance Academy offers a really welcoming and positive community for dancers and their family. Ms. Linda and the teachers set expectations that help develop dance and life skills.

Everyone at Poise is incredibly encouraging and supportive of each other, which makes the studio such an enjoyable environment.

My daughters are always excited to go to their dance classes and they come home with smiles on their faces and a sense of achievement”. — Julia and Justin Quigg (parents)


“The community at Poise is warm and welcoming. It’s easy to make great friends.

Because of Ms. Linda and the teachers at Poise, I have been able to achieve my dance goals.” —Kyra Quigg (student)


“I really enjoy dancing at Poise Dance Academy. The teachers are very kind and caring and help me reach my goals.”

—Emily Quigg (student)

“I started dancing at Poise when I was 11, and I never would have gotten to where I am without Ms. Linda and Ms. Stella’s attention and focus to each and every student.

Poise has fostered a love of dance that I will keep with me in the next stages of my life. Being a dancer has taught me resilience, hard-work, and organization and has made me a better student at school. Going to dance is always my favourite part of the day, and that has continued throughout the pandemic with Ms. Lindas and our teachers enthusiasm and cheerfulness in class.” —Marcela Amaral (student)


“Poise Dance has been the best choice for our daughter. Since taking her first Acro classes in 2016 she has been growing artistically and as a person in great part thanks to the exceptional work of Linda Leowinata and her team.

Poise Dance fosters a place where children care for their peers and support each other. At the same time it was astonishing for us to see the high level of strength, coordination and artistic skills that was trained.

Even during the lock-down period Linda and the Team of Poise Dance were able to keep the children and teenagers engaged and offered a well-rounded training schedule – even under those less than ideal circumstances.
Highlights for us are the professional performances and the competitions that our daughter was able to take part in – and also the wonderful friendships she made.” —Diana (Tayo’s parent)


“Poise dance academy has been so much more than just a dance studio to me. For the past six years I have been a part of Poise, starting with recreational classes and then joining the competitive team. The girls I dance with are like a second family to me and the teachers all build a very positive and supportive environment. Each week I look forward to going to class, whether it’s in studio or virtual, under the current circumstances.

As a dancer, Poise has allowed to me to grow immensely by offering a wide range of dance styles, from ballet to jazz to hip hop, as well as teachers that take the time to provide individual feedback.

Having competitions and an end-of-year show gave us something to work towards and was an incredibly rewarding experience, from which I have many fond memories. Graduating this year, I know that I am going to miss the studio and everyone who has been a part of it during my time there. Miss Linda, our dance director, has truly made this studio a second home.” —Tayo Steininger (student)