Our Mission

To bring out the best of everyone’s artistic, musical, and physical abilities in a fun, nurturing, and encouraging dance education environment and training program.

Our mission at Poise Dance Academy is to bring out the best of everyone’s artistic, musical, and physical abilities in a fun, nurturing, and encouraging dance education environment and training program. We help each of our students discover their love for dance and guide them to becoming their own skilled and unique dancer. We motivate each student to strive for more than the best they believe they can be, while enjoying the process of learning and growing. 

How it started and continued…
Poise Dance Academy was born in 2013 out of Linda’s passion for dance and love for teaching children. Combining her skills in teaching and choreographing with her academic degree in economics and accounting, Linda has been dedicating 42 years of her life teaching and sharing dance. Throughout her career, her choreography has won many awards at dance competitions in Indonesia and across Ontario. Linda built her own school to further channel her desire to share quality training and performance opportunities while spreading good messages through dance. 

Since she started her well-known dance school in Indonesia in 1994, continuing with Poise Dance Academy here in Canada, Linda’s goals are to instil a love for dance to every student and to bring out the best of each individual. Linda has also made it a tradition to produce yearly full-length original productions, as a way to share the joy of the performance experience with younger generations. Poise Dance Academy has produced hundreds of dance routines for children, teenagers and adults since its inception.

Linda moved to Canada with her young family in 2001. Before starting Poise Dance Academy in East York, she taught and choreographed for schools in Ottawa and Toronto. Over the past seven years of Poise Dance Academy, Linda has created a vibrant and supportive dance family. Even in the 2020-2021 year of the pandemic, the studio managed to hold two virtual performances. 

Linda feels blessed to have students and parents who support her along the way. She is happy to keep sharing her love for dance with children and families in her Toronto home.


Experience More Than Just Another Dance Class

Sharing Passion

We believe that learning dance should be a joyful experience. By sharing our passion for movement through music we guide our dancers to discover their own freedom of expression and love for the art of dance.

Cultivating Discipline

At Poise, we believe that natural talent alone leads to little reward without hard work and dedication. We instil a strong sense of responsibility and discipline in each student to help them reach their full potential to support their journey to success in and beyond dance. 

Building Confidence

We gain strength, courage and confidence through every experience in which we overcome fear. Poise’s teaching staff are committed to developing each of our student’s ability to overcome adversity with a positive attitude and achieve the goals they set for themselves.

“We had a wonderful year at Poise Dance. Linda is a warm and experienced teacher. She cares about each child and is mindful of their unique needs. Her love of dance is infectious and my girls looked forward to every class. The dance training is serious and disciplined, yet still fun for the kids. Poise is a studio that is beneficial for all levels of dancers. Children learn to move their bodies and train their minds in a healthy environment. The annual recital is one highlight of the Poise experience. It is professionally produced with imaginative choreography, making it a special show for dancers and audience alike. I highly recommend Poise.”

“I love you Miss Linda!! During my years of professional dance training and a 10 year career with the National Ballet of Canada, I have rarely come across a teacher as talented as Poise Dance Artistic Director, Linda Leowin​a​ta. She shares her passion for classical dance in a warm and encouraging environment while still maintaining the discipline integral to a professional environment. Linda’s staff have all been hand picked and further developed by her to also promote this environment. I would highly recommend Poise Dance School to anyone wishing to give their child the best dance education possible.”
“My daughters, aged 8 and 12, have been attending Poise Dance Academy for the past year. Our experience with Linda Leowinata has been nothing but positive from the very start. It is clear on meeting Linda that she is “the real deal” when it comes to ballet and she is passionate about sharing her deep understanding and love for ballet with her students.”
“I have said this before but it is an absolute pleasure for my daughter to be part of such an amazing Dance Academy. The Knowledge, Positivity, Discipline, and Caring environment is outstanding. It is amazing how much these Girls learn and want for more. I couldn’t be more impressed with how hard all of you work!!”

“Loved every second of the show, and would have watched more. My daughter loved each and every day of her lessons. We loved how she got to be trained in different genres and then partake in each of the dances, regardless of skill. She was in another 2-week dance session the weeks prior, and the show was not even close to being as interesting and professional as the Poise one.”

“I am sure that the quality of tuition and care that our girls receive at Poise will be of great value to them in whatever they choose to do with their lives.”