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Sharing Passion, Cultivating Discipline, and Building Confidence

Sharing Passion

Poise Dance Academy was established as a culmination of a long, passionate journey and labor of love from our Artistic Director, Ms. Linda J. Leowinata, over the past 35 years. Poise’s teaching staff share Linda’s love of dance and passion in believing that every person can become more than the best they themselves imagine.

Cultivating Discipline

At Poise, we believe that natural talents alone lead to little reward without hard work and dedication. We instill a strong sense of responsibility and discipline in each student to nurture the development of their full potentials through our classes, to support their journey to success beyond dance.

Building Confidence

We gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which we overcome fear. Poise teaching staff are committed to supporting each student in developing their competence and self- confidence in their ability to overcome adversities with a positive attitude and succeed in achieving the goals they set for themselves.

Experience More Than Just Another Dance Class

The main objective of Poise Dance Academy is to get every student to fall in love with dance, and to get every student to believe that they are each special and a great dancer, with unique and wonderful qualities. Poise Dance Academy pushes every individual to strive for more than the best they can be.

High Quality Training

Poise Dance Academy aims at the best possible learning outcomes for every student. All our teachers are highly committed to imparting their knowledge, skills, and experience to every student. With patience and thorough attention to details we ensure that our students have a complete understanding of what they need to do to learn and succeed. Poise Dance Academy continually motivates each student to progress and improve on a daily basis.

Professional Performance

Poise Dance Academy believes that the experience of performing on a stage enhances and completes the dance education experience. Showcasing the progress each student makes is rewarding after all the hard work and time the students and parents invest in training. To make this moment as magical as possible, Poise Dance Academy creates a full-length dance production annually, on a stage with full lighting/set and costumes, with professional standards. This recital gives dancers the opportunity to perform in front of a large and welcoming audience.

Individual Attention

Poise Dance Academy firmly believes that every child is special, and we do our utmost to ensure that every single student reaches their full potential. Every student receives personalized attention in a nurturing - albeit also challenging - environment that encourages them to grow and develop through the most rewarding way possible.

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Poise Dance Academy's teaching staff are professionals who are passionate about high quality dance education and performance as well as children's well-being and personal development.

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  • Poise Dance Academy 2017 Original Production

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