How good grooming helps us become better dancers


How good grooming helps us become better dancers
“Where is your hair bun today?” “Did you bring leggings under your sweatpants?” “Have you had the chance to get new ballet shoes yet?” These are questions that young dancers may hear when they come to dance class – not only because it may affect their training, but also because we believe that good grooming helps build good habits that set up the body and mind for learning.

Just like you wouldn’t go skating without a pair of skates or might not go for a run with long hair down, it is important for dancers to bring proper gear and attire to perform their best and get the most out of their dance classes. For example, it is more difficult to turn with hair in front of your eyes or in bare feet, and tights help to keep the muscles warm while still allowing the teacher to correct how the legs are being used in different exercises.

Beyond these practical reasons, arriving to class in a dance uniform with neat grooming teaches students the importance of preparation and readiness. The habit of getting ready, psychologically making time and space for work they are about to do, makes dance or any other activity feel very special for students to partake in. And if the activity feels special and important, the learning and passion will follow.

The act of getting ready for class can also teach students consistency and time management – to have the discipline to carry out a routine, maybe even when they don’t necessarily feel like it, and to know when to start getting ready for an event to be well prepared and on time. These are habits that can be very helpful for many activities outside of dance as well.

So, we believe that grooming teaches our dancers discipline and increases positive learning outcomes, which is why even through online dancing at home, we did bother them about wearing their proper attire and hairstyles. Though it may seem like a small thing to do, we are sure that our dancers will be thankful for the practice they gained in getting ready for every class when they can show off those same skills in getting ready for performances onstage!


Stella Leowinata

April 18, 2022