Dancers Around the World on Why They Dance


Last week, we noted what our kids at Poise told us about why they like to dance. Our own Poise dancers’ answers and their joy make us smile. Their efforts, resilience and strength inspire us. They also make us curious to find out what more experienced dancers say about why they dance. So, we decided to scan the horizon to find out what dancers from various dance disciplines – including professional ones – say about what makes them love to dance. Here are some of their answers to the question: 

Why do you dance? 

“Dancing makes me feel calm after a busy day, as well as energised. It clears my mind and gives me a natural energy boost. Dancing over the years has also definitely increased my confidence.” – a university student dancer.

“During every difficult time, dancing has helped me feel good about myself. It pushes me to never give up and teaches me that I can keep progressing and improving. “

“Through dancing, I have met some of my best friends who share the same passion, interests, and ambition together with me.”

“When I dance, I am completely free. I feel released from all stresses of my pre-occupations and daily life.” – a ballroom dancer and architect

“I love music and have a broad taste in music genres. I really enjoy it when I am able to dance by combining a different style of dance with each of my favourite songs.”

“I love the fact that whatever has happened during my day I can leave it behind as soon as I put my ballet shoes on.” – a ballet student and accountant-in-training

 “I love how varied dance can be and the freedom of expression it gives. I love ballet in particular because of its beauty and complexity, and because it challenges me.”

“Dance allows me the freedom to express myself in ways I do not find in any other situation.” – a professional Bollywood dancer

“Dancing gives me joy by connecting me to my roots and allows me to show my authentic self.” – a hip hop dancer

“Performing art requires a big commitment. All the intricate techniques we have to learn, the long training sessions and rehearsals … can be difficult on the body and mind. Yet we also know that growth never comes from the comfort zone. Every time I dance or perform, I feel like I am stepping into a new realm in which gives me an opportunity to grow and discover new things about my dance technique or even myself as a person. I enjoy growth; and performing is a wonderful catalyst in which this can happen.” ~ a professional dancer and teacher
“I dance because it is magical. When I dance, I feel as if I am transported to a different world and be whoever I wish to be.”

Do all of these sound familiar? Well, yes, because what those dancers are saying is basically a more elaborate version of what the kids tell us. it appears that no matter where we are, and what kind of dance form we choose, our motivation for dancing is largely shared: that dancing

  • makes us feel happy;
  • relieves our stress or worries;
  • makes us feel healthy by being active;
  • challenges us to learn and master new abilities; or do something better than before;
  • allows us to express myself freely using dance’s beauty and our creativity;
  • connects us with other dancers, with the audience, and with our own emotions.

It turns out that we have good reasons to feel good about dancing. Next week, we’ll take a quick dive into what research in various scientific disciplines tells us about the multiple benefits of dancing.