In-Studio Protocols

  • We will sanitize our studio meticulously every day.
  • Classes will be scheduled so that there will always be a limited number of students in the building at a time in compliance with the government guidelines.
  • Parents will be asked to drop off and pick up as only students are allowed to enter the building. For our new students, we will allow one parent/guardian to come inside as necessary. Please email in advance if you would like to do so. For our young students aged 5 and under, we will allow one parent/guardian to accompany a student in the class to keep the dancer in their personal square, until the student is comfortable to be on her/his own in class.
  • We will require all students to clean their shoes and hands, and have their temperature checked when they enter the building. Doctor-approved hand-sanitizer and shoe-cleaning spray will be provided.
  • We require that all students wear masks.
  • We will limit the number of students in the studio to make sure our students can maintain safe physical-distancing (minimum 2 meters/6 feet).
  • The 2-meter/6-foot physical distance will also apply from when a dancer enters the studio to when they exit the studio.
  • Only water will be allowed in the building; no other food or drinks.
  • Students are asked to only bring items that are needed to dance. Avoid bringing a big bag with unnecessary items to the studio.
  • All students have to follow all the safety protocols and will be dismissed if they disregard it.

Studio Cleaning Procedures

Parking Guidelines