Bringing out the best of everyone’s artistic, musical, and physical abilities in a fun, nurturing, and encouraging dance education environment and training program.


Sharing Passion, Cultivating Discipline, and Building Confidence

Sharing Passion

Poise Dance Academy was established as a culmination of a long, passionate journey and labor of love from our Artistic Director, Ms. Linda J. Leowinata, over the past 35 years. Poise’s teaching staff share Linda’s love of dance and passion in believing that every person can become more than the best they themselves imagine.

Cultivating Discipline

At Poise, we believe that natural talents alone lead to little reward without hard work and dedication. We instill a strong sense of responsibility and discipline in each student to nurture the development of their full potentials through our classes, to support their journey to success beyond dance.

Building Confidence

We gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which we overcome fear. Poise teaching staff are committed to supporting each student in developing their competence and self- confidence in their ability to overcome adversities with a positive attitude and succeed in achieving the goals they set for themselves.

Experience More Than Just Another Dance Class

The main objective of Poise Dance Academy is to get every student to fall in love with dance, and to get every student to believe that they are each special and a great dancer, with unique and wonderful qualities. Poise Dance Academy pushes every individual to strive for more than the best they can be.

High Quality Training

Poise Dance Academy aims at the best possible learning outcomes for every student. All our teachers are highly committed to imparting their knowledge, skills, and experience to every student. With patience and thorough attention to details we ensure that our students have a complete understanding of what they need to do to learn and succeed. Poise Dance Academy continually motivates each student to progress and improve on a daily basis.

Professional Performance

Poise Dance Academy believes that the experience of performing on a stage enhances and completes the dance education experience. Showcasing the progress each student makes is rewarding after all the hard work and time the students and parents invest in training. To make this moment as magical as possible, Poise Dance Academy creates a full-length dance production annually, on a stage with full lighting/set and costumes, with professional standards. This recital gives dancers the opportunity to perform in front of a large and welcoming audience.

Individual Attention

Poise Dance Academy firmly believes that every child is special, and we do our utmost to ensure that every single student reaches their full potential. Every student receives personalized attention in a nurturing - albeit also challenging - environment that encourages them to grow and develop through the most rewarding way possible.

Parent Testimonials

  • I have said this before but it is an absolute pleasure for my daughter to be part of such an amazing Dance Academy. The Knowledge, Positivity, Discipline, and Caring environment is outstanding. It is amazing how much these Girls learn and want for more. I couldn't be more impressed with how hard all of you work!!

  • I love you Miss Linda!! "During my years of professional dance training and a 10 year career with the National Ballet of Canada, I have rarely come across a teacher as talented as Poise Dance Artistic Director, Linda Leowin​a​ta. She shares her passion for classical dance in a warm and encouraging environment while still maintaining the discipline integral to a professional environment. Linda's staff have all been hand picked and further developed by her to also promote this environment. I would highly recommend Poise Dance School to anyone wishing to give their child the best dance education possible."

  • Loved every second of the show, and would have watched more. My daughter loved each and every day of her lessons. We loved how she got to be trained in different genres and then partake in each of the dances, regardless of skill. She was in another 2-week dance session the weeks prior, and the show was not even close to being as interesting and professional as the Poise one.

  • We had a wonderful year at Poise Dance. Linda is a warm and experienced teacher.  She cares about each child and is mindful of their unique needs. Her love of dance is infectious and my girls looked forward to every class.  The dance training is serious and disciplined, yet still fun for the kids.  Poise is a studio that is beneficial for all levels of dancers.  Children learn to move their bodies and train their minds in a healthy environment.  The annual recital is one highlight of the Poise experience.  It is professionally produced with imaginative choreography, making it a special show for dancers and audience alike.  I highly recommend Poise.

  • My daughters, aged 8 and 12, have been attending Poise Dance Academy for the past year. Our experience with Linda Leowinata has been nothing but positive from the very start.  It is clear on meeting Linda that she is “the real deal” when it comes to ballet and she is passionate about sharing her deep understanding and love for ballet with her students.

  • Linda and her team are consistently respectful towards the students and work with them patiently, attentively and with great dedication.  My daughters are always happy to go to their lessons. The classes are stimulating but still fun and light-hearted; and the end of year recital at a downtown theatre was a very rich experience for all of us.

  • I am sure that the quality of tuition and care that our girls receive at Poise will be of great value to them in whatever they choose to do with their lives.

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Poise Dance Academy's teaching staff are professionals who are passionate about high quality dance education and performance as well as children's well-being and personal development.


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  • “I love the personalized attention that Ms. Linda and the team of instructors have for the students! Also that it doesn't feel like a dance "factory" - the children learn proper technique with attention paid to their individual development and needs. It is clear Ms. Linda is passionate about her métier and her love for it passes onto the students. We love Poise!!!” “Great instruction with small class size.”
  • "Great instruction with small class size.”
  • “Great programs. Very positive, but disciplined approach to teaching. Love the passion!”
  • “Kids enjoy the program. Address issues promptly. Open to feedback.”
  • “Miss Linda inspires children to achieve their potential - the mark of an excellent instructor.”
  • “Ms. Linda and her team did a great job learning about our daughter and teaching her. The teachers are patient and throughout the season gave us great tips for helping us practice with our daughter at home. Our daughter has loved ballet so far and loves her teachers. Thanks for a great start to our time with Poise! We are really happy with Poise. Thank you!”
  • “POISE keeps a really good balance of discipline and fun. The kids are taught to focus in class and learn the technique without being too serious. We are very impressed with the direction, teaching, and professionalism at POISE - very excited for next year! Well done!!!”
  • “For my child who is not a great "dancer" you have made her feel special and encouraged her to do better - she has LOVED the program and the performance was a highlight for us all - your team did a great job coaching them and working for the performance last night - a huge job very well done. Thank you so much.”
  • “I loved the fact that you created one recital that encompassed all the genres of dance - brilliant. Keep doing what you are doing as it is excellent. Small enough that your child does not get lost in the shuffle. Ms. Linda is always available for questions.”
  • “Excellent recital production! Far better than the previous dance school my child attended. Linda and her instructors are very serious about dance and instill a desire in the kids. Well done!”
  • “Organization. I felt like everything was taken care of. I felt like everyone knew what was going on. I felt like all details were accounted for and we were in good hands. Thank you for a positive first experience that hopefully laid the foundation for a lifetime.”
  • “Make dancing fun, show kindness to our young children, and communicate with parents. The show itself was wonderful. Congratulations!“
  • “Your team is amazing.”

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